Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pinon-pinon and the happiness it brings... 21/04/12

Last night was my favourite gig of this tour so far -
at piñon-pinon, run by our friends Jun and Kite-san -
kite-san is also a member of the wonderful band POPO,
I`ve spent countless happy hours cooking in my kitchen and driving between towns listening to them.

The last time I came to Japan I played here and was overwhelmed by the atmosphere -
cosmos flowers everywhere and kamakiri (praying mantis) hiding amongst them;
it was my first time meeting these insects in the wild and I couldn`t wipe the smile off my face...

This time the cosmos were just beginning to sprout and there was no praying mantis to be seen,
but it was just as friendly and welcoming. Jun told me Tsuruga ia a windy city and it was,
the same hut we performed in is where I slept and it rattled all night...
In the morning I ran to the coast, through pine trees, and came back to practice some music whilst the rain fell and the wind rattled around me...

The song, a cover, is by Josephine Foster - I don`t generally play it live,
but like to sing it alone in places where I`m a guest and feeling welcome -
"I am a guest in here...":


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