Sunday, 1 April 2012

Gallery pen show for Rachael Dadds stitch together exhibition opening...

Last night (30/03) we played at the lovely gallery p+en in Nagoya, the place was bustling with people, and as the shop fronts onto an arcade, many people stumbled across it by chance...

I shot a video of Rachael playing window with ICHI on steel pan - its here on YouTube:
And this is her singing with some of her artwork gently floating in the background:

The exhibition is looking beautiful, lots of collaborations going on with Japanese artists and I recommend you have a look at Rachael's stuff at

The night before was a fun and unusual experience, going to a gig in a veg shop/off licence... There was some great electronic music (the setup looked very complicated) and our friend yoshito playing some lovely folk songs...

Tonight we play at myojo library in tahara city... Tanoshimi!

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