Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cafe TAC show in Suwa, Nagano...

Bongo-San organised us a lovely gig in the French style cafe TAC - Suwa is a quiet lakeside town up in the mountains, bongo grew up here and there was no music scene at the time. He's made it his mission to fill that hole. He's a very enthusiastic listener and really moves to the music, making me and Rachael grin from ear to ear...

The next day, Thai curry made with baby bamboo for breakfast in a cafe joined to a beautiful pottery workshop.
Because rent is less, rates are lower and many old buildings are unoccupied, it's a lovely feature of Japan that so many young people can set up shop/cafe/workshop with relative ease...often people run places as a kind of hobby, like a gift to the community.

From Suwa, we headed to a honey-bee museum further into the hills. Rachael had led us to believe that there was a sort of bee-whisperer asking bees to build sculptures (with some kind of waggle dance!?) it isn't so but the reality is just as incredible - this bee expert has learnt how to direct bees to build structures in certain places and shapes and how to persuade queens to work together in harmony, allowing him to build the largest nests in the world, and they really are immense, fantastical structures.

Back in Nagoya last night we saw an incredible dance performance by Taro Morita - the dancer was between a thin white sheet in front and two OHPs behind, and the projector was using some really innovative techniques to create patterns of light - powders, liquids, fans and massage tools. The confluence between the two circles and the silhouette of the dancer making some beautiful, contorted and emotive movement and shape. The choreography between the light and the dancer was really tight - in one scene the dancer picks out a ball of light from the top of the scene and carries it, growing, into the centre... This show was in a great little venue - KD Japon - which is underneath a train track, making the building rumble softly with each train, adding to the atmosphere and making me feel like I'm lost somewhere inside Belleville rendezvous.

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