Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cafe jaaja (16/04/12) and the incredible Tet-San on his pakhawaj.

Cafe jaaja is run by members of this incredible band jaaja:

They tour around the world by hitch-hiking and have appeared in the back garden of the house I used to share with Rachael in Bristol before...

So Monday started with some brilliant songs from Jaaja,
after which I played my solo set,
and then - ICHI, the night before, had introduced me to his old friend Tet-San, who plays the pakhawaj, a large two headed drum which predates the tabla, and needs an uncooked chapati to be placed on the bass end to reach the required depth of tone...amazing instrument and Tet-San is an incredible musician  -picking up rhythmic phrases from the kora, echoing and elaborating on them, and generally being extremely sensitive with his art...
Here`s a photo expressing how I felt about playing with him - like he was feeding me with some kind of raw musical energy...

Yesterday was also spent with Tet-San and his wife Yuki; we had Hanami (a picnic celebrating spring) by a river -side not far from Nagoya, but far enough to not hear any cars. Yuki plays violin in Indian style, so we all had a jam session together in the sun - clarinet, violin, steel-pan, pakhawaj and kora. 

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