Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Myojou library show in Atsumi Hanto near Tahara city

Atsumi Hanto is a small town near tahara city and famous for it's cabbages and shellfish...the oranges grow all year and the kumquats are delicious.
We played in myojou library/gallery, run by the lovely masami-San- she made onigiri for the audience, stuffed with shellfish and ume boshi (sour plum).

Here are a couple of videos from ichi's set:
Umbrella love: http://youtu.be/O8GaqY5-aUE

and his finale with help from lao-chan:

We stayed the night with sakuroko and kanji Matsumoto - sakuroko is a florist and kanji carves wood - they walked us around the local area which is beautiful, rural, also half deserted as the young people of Japan are choosing not to live in the countryside.
Below are some photos of our show, the surrounding area and our new friends...

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