Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cafe yugue show in Kyoto

Yesterday and the night before we stayed in Kyoto at our friend, the guitarist Naoto Kawate's house... He lives in a beautiful house at the foot of the hills - lush and green with lots of temples and shrines nearby.

I've not had much spare time in Kyoto before so it was good to spend the day wandering about - the city has a calm feeling to it, spacious and close to the green hills. A bit like Bristol in England if it's not too tenuous a comparison... Onimichi in the south gave me a similar feeling, so perhaps it's just the buildings on hills and proximity to water?
Still, Kyoto has an exciting buzz to it whilst managing a sense of calm, and that's one of the reasons I love Bristol so much.
A hilly, wooded walk to start the day; blossom, jelly-like fungus and forked paths which led us eventually to the top of the art college which spans the declivity with its modern and impressively tree-sensitive architecture.

We played in cafe yugue in the evening:

Run by our friend Dai-Chan, who makes the best bagels in Kyoto (or possibly the world)... It'd be hard to tell it was a cafe if you didn't know about it - it's inconspicuous from the outside and has a weathered, unfussy feeling, Dai is always playing something great on the stereo and everything tastes inordinately delicious.

The homeliness of yugue always makes for a great show - relaxing - I think this is my fourth time playing here and I've loved it every time...

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