My most recent release is my 5-track EP 'Winter Shed' :

In late Autumn 2008, I recorded my first album as Wig Smith -
                            'a means of escape through a hedge' -    

I still have some CDs available, so email me if you'd like
one of those...

I'm also half of The Hand with Rachael Dadd - these songs were recorded in a session at VPRO radio in Amsterdam on our tour of Europe in 2010 -

We recorded our debut album, 'berries from the rubble' in a beautiful house built by our friend Carrie in Bristol, in late summer 2008.

It's available to buy on iTunes and other online stores...


  1. all 4th are good but, i like the 2nd last most of all.
    good work admin, keep carry on.
    best whishes:

  2. good one admin. keep going on.
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