Saturday, 14 April 2012

ICHI`s exhibition now open at Hankachi in Nagoya...

ICHI`s exhibition is now open at Hankachi!

it`s brilliant -

a kind of re-imagined Jack and the beanstalk...

Hankachi is -

a beautiful shop/gallery in Nagoya -

there are lots of other beautiful and tasty things

there too - fair-trade coffee and chocolate

hand made clothes using fairtrade

and recycled fabrics...

There are also some clothing collaborations with 

Rachael Dadd for sale, and beautiful pottery

made by Kite-san

of the amazing `Popo` and Pinon-Pinon

where we play later this month.

Please go and visit if you`re in Nagoya or nearby -

there`s a map below

with more details.

ICHI has a shop set up

selling his CDs,

handmade leather key-rings

and other things...

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