Monday, 14 May 2012

Pinon-Pinon and the happiness it brings part 2... (04/05/12 - 09/05/12)

Will Newsome`s EP, Winter Shed, is available on iTunes and amazon...

This time at pinon-pinon,

a different role...

Niwashigoto, pruning trees,

piano practice in the gallery.

More experiments with filming the kora;

I`m fascinated by how the frame-rate of my camera captures the movement in strings and shows them undulating like a sine wave.

It feels like there`s a lot of maths in motion here, a happy instance where the artificial inadvertently exposes a fundamental; an underlying system like the phi in feathers, the fibonacci in a fern...

Recently, since seeing Yanokami at Roppongi Hills,
I can`t get this song out of my head - 
Rei Harakami died unexpectedly last year but he left us with some beautiful music...
This song, `owari no kisetsu` - (the end of the season?) is a cover of a Japanese folk song;
listen loud, get lost in it:

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