Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Europe tour with ICHI - Italy!

Our first Italian show was in Milano, organised by Maurizio Abate - the venue a community bike workshop 'ciclofficina' run by 'Associazione UNZA!' - a bit like Bristol Bike Project but without the shop element. 

For these three Italian shows me and Eiichi did our solo shows and also his other project Flyhoop which is semi-improvised music to super8 film projections...ICHI had forgotten the spool for his projector but serendipitously it turned out the guys at ciclofficina were super8 enthusiasts and gave him a spare spool.

Maurizio took us to an abandoned mental health institute the next morning before we left for San Martino Spino:

The 3rd we headed southeast to San Martino Spino where Tiziano Sgerbi ( ) aka Bob Corn runs Barchessone Vecchio, a bar and performance space in the countryside with his brother Matteo.
It's a really special place I wish I could replicate near Bristol. The mosquitoes ate us alive but at least that lent extra resonance to ICHI's 'go gagambo'; next year Tizio is planning a walking tour along a river from the foothills of the mountains to the sea...

Sunday took us to Venezia where Diego Poletti had organised for us to play at gatarigole festival, a small festival for the Venetian locals (gatarigole means tickles in Venetian dialect) 
We're a little in love with Venice - we were very happy to be back there. It's impossibly beautiful and the people are so friendly and kind.
ICHI had a big crowd in the evening and I was over the moon to get to play some songs on a row boat whilst the audience watched from other row boats around us.

Next stop tonight is Villefranche De Rouergue where we'll play at Les Hauts Parleurs:


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